Jewellery Care

All SophieAliceHirsch jewellery is hand made in Sophie’s studio using traditional techniques, with an emphasis on originality and quality. Due to this, and the use of unusual materials, pieces are unique and may differ slightly from photos.

General Maintenance

Apply perfumes or cosmetics before you put on any jewellery- detergents and oils can tarnish or damage the surface finish.

Dry jewellery that comes into contact with water with a soft cloth to avoid tarnishing.

Use specific precious metal polishing cloths and products to clean your jewellery – always follow instructions.

Look after your jewellery by not wearing it while doing housework, exercising or doing other tasks that could damage it.

Brighten up jewellery with a jewellery polishing cloth.

Store jewellery separately to avoid scratching or rubbing – pieces can be stored in the packaging it was received in to protect it when not being worn.

Re-Feathering Service 

Care should be taken with this unusual jewellery. The natural feathers have been applied to the pieces by hand, individually and with care. Wear of the piece will give it individual character, but if there is some feather loss we offer a re-feathering service – contact us below with more information to discuss the service.  Don’t rest the piece on the feathers as this can cause them to change shape. Lightly steaming the piece can straighten out kinked feathers.